Saturday, 27 August 2011

Online inspiration for your projects

    To travel can also be a big source of 
    inspiration. I always bring my camera 
    wherever I go. Often I don't have to 
    travel far. This gallery of art tiles, for 
    example, is from a store in Huntsville. 
    It reminds me that there is strength 
    in numbers and that you can mix motifs 
    pretty liberally as long as there is one or 
    two unifying features; in this case the size 
    and shape of the tiles.
Don't fret about summer soon being over. Start planning some fun interior design projects for your home instead! These sites will help you turn your interior dreams into a reality:
Houzz features over 150,000 inspiring photos of environments created by design professionals. Search by category and start putting together your own ideabooks. 
Pinterest is a virtual pinboard that lets you save decorating ideas, recipies and beautiful things that you find on the web. It’s also helpful if you’re planning a major event which you want input from friends and family on.
Evernote allows you to save pages and images from internet, your own photos and written notes. You can add tags to easily identify trends within your choices.
Mydeco has a free 3D design software program, and tools to help you create moodboards, bookmark images from the web and decorate a photo.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Shabby chic in Bracebridge

Introduce colour by painting the drawers 
of an old dresser in contrasting hues. 
Simply Cottage.
Make sure to stop in Bracebridge the next time you're heading south. This quaint little summer city in the heart of Muskoka, offers both beautiful views and interesting stores. Lovers of the shabby chic look will discover a mecca in Simply Cottage. Here you'll find a mix of casual cottage chic and Canadiana. Two floors are loaded with slip-covered sofas and chairs, heirloom pieces, painted wood furniture and funky accessories. Everything with tons of style! Another must on Bracebridge's main street (actually Manitoba Street) is Your Home Interiors. This store is filled with French-inspired antique-style furniture and home d├ęcor with lots of charm. Don't miss it! Check out some of the highlights from my explorations in Bracebridge.
Slip-covered dining chair in a pale,
light-blue shade at Simply Cottage. 
Look how well the slipcover works 
with the white table. Isn't the turned 
leg on the table absolutely gorgeous?
Here is the pale blue again, this time striped on a cozy
couch. Simply Cottage.
How unique; the top of this table resembles 
a flower. Simply Cottage.
These fun storage bags come in a wide
range of fabric options.
A new use for old board games: 
display a collection of them on the 
wall for a cheery pop of colour. 
Simply Cottage.
Red side table with a folkloric vibe.
Simply Cottage.
Find your perfect sign at Simply Cottage.

And below are some images from Your
Home Interiors. Make sure to check out
the store's Facebook page for more 
beautiful pics.
The intricate ornamentation makes this piece a 
showstopper. Your Home Interiors.
Beautifully carved fireplace mantel. 
See detail below.

A vignette filled with shapes; the chunky 
candleholders and sculptural vases contrast 
nicely with the more delicate table.
Shiny tin vases for some bling. 

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

McQueen's Furniture - a family affair

Furniture runs in the family! This is certainly true for the owners of this family-owned and operated store. With over 135 years of combined experience in the furniture business, the owners of McQueen's Furniture are clearly veterans. In addition to furniture, you'll also find accessories, bedding, fireplaces and appliances in any of McQueen's stores in Sudbury, North Bay and Espanola. Have a look at some of my favourites from the North Bay store:
This mirror rocks! It has
everything going for it:
the size, the shape and
the bling! And the mirror
frame is so slick - see 
The frame consists of small, pebble-shaped 
mirrors that provide additional interest and
I like the shape and wooden texture
on these candleholders. Grouped in
three they make for an interesting,
decorative vignette.
Sturdy wooden bowls with a beautiful, clean
As with the wooden candleholders above, 
your stoneware should also be displayed 
in groups of three or more for maximum 
impact. These pieces have a rustic appeal.
Dramatic, yet peaceful artwork.
I'm very fond of sculptural
lamps like these two...

...and how about this one?
It will reflect light both 
from the inside and the 
Try banquettes around the dinner table!
Combined with chairs, they look elegant 
and sleek.

Upholstered chairs are perfect for lingering dinner
parties. This set has a simple, yet sophisticated 
design. It was perhaps not the intention of the
showroom designer, but I actually think the two
upholstery options can be combined around the
same table. Especially if you want a fun, modern 
feel, and if the colours of the fabrics are repeated 
elsewhere in the room.
Avoid sharp corners with a round coffee table.
Consider one with a glass top - such as this 
one - if your space is tight and otherwise filled 
with heavier pieces. 
Lovers of black-and-white will probably find this 
dresser quite effective. They might also like the 
glass vase below.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Summer sauna taking shape

Our long-awaited sauna is complete - at least on paper! With careful preparation and lots of work, it will hopefully be ready by the end of the summer. Tucked away between pine trees and with a prime view of the lake, it will be a desired place for late summer evenings. Designing a sauna is a bit like designing the interior of a boat; a lot of function has to fit into a limited space. Challenging! And while the actual sauna leaves little room for decorative embellishments, the adjacent change room is more flexible in this regard. This, of course, triggers the imagination of a design enthusiast like myself; I can already envision the room's white-washed walls, blue towels neatly piled up on a shelf, and little lantern in the window, telling visitors that the heat is on...

Stay tuned for pictures and stories as the building takes shape!