Monday, 18 June 2012

Cool colour combos

Summer is the time to experiment with colour. You only need a few colourful splashes for a huge impact. Try these feisty combinations on placemats, napkins, runners or pillows:

                                     Chartreuse and turquoise:

Pink/fuchsia and orange:

                                        Purple and yellow:

Monday, 11 June 2012

Bring on the bling

Make space for some glamour! As the saying goes: a little bling makes a room sing.

Light fixtures are ideal for introducing sparkle in your space, and they come in a wide range of styles and sizes. Be inspired by these shiny examples available at Howe's Lighting and Pixies Discount Cash and Carry in North Bay:
How about this fixture from Artcraft
over your dining table?

Another light fixture from Artcraft. 
This one would be appropriate in a
staircase or to light up a dark corner.

Showstopper piece from Feiss.

A more traditional fixture from Feiss. 
This light could also work in a 
contemporary or "shabby chic" space. 
Use this fixture from Kichler over
an island or a long, rectangular dining
DVI Lighting makes this gorgeous
semi-flush mount.

Another stunning fixture from
DVI Lighting.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Curb appeal 101

First impressions are important, and that also applies to your home. At a recent consultation, the owners of a 1919 brick house wanted to improve the appearance of their home. Here are some of the curb appeal essentials I shared with them:

1) Unify with colours. Make sure your exterior colour scheme doesn't include too many colours. This is especially true if your home has had additions throughout the years.

2) Plant a tree. Whether its a low, flowering bush or a tree with lush, heavy greenery, this is a fool-proof way to enhance your home's curb appeal. Try planting the tree close to one of the front corners of the house.

3) Have fun with the front door. There shouldn't be any doubt about where the main entrance is. Paint the front door a bold, welcoming colour that complements the rest of the house. Flank it with flower pots and make sure it is well lit.

4) Update your mailbox and house numbers. This is a relatively easy one!

5) Review surrounding flower beds. Is there a nice mix of textures, sizes and heights? Let the plants in your flower beds reflect the colour of the front door.

VoilĂ ! Your home will have made a 365 degree curb appeal turn!