Thursday, 25 October 2012

Fall for flowers

Think "fall flowers" and mums will probably be the first kind that comes to mind. But not for Jaime Anderson of Anderson Flowers & Giftware in the Northgate Mall. In her world, sunflowers, lilies and purple callas are just the right thing for spreading colour and aroma this season.

But Jaime doesn't stop with the flowers. She believes the container and accompanying accessories are equally important when creating appealing displays. This year's trend is to use natural and recycled products to create personalized, one-of-a-kind arrangements. Jaime explains how to make your own at home:
Spooky Sweet. Hopefully, you won't find
critters of this size in your backyard when
looking for accessories for your display!
"Use a mason jar or vase that is just collecting dust. Gather acorns, sticks, pine cones and pieces of bark and add to the display. If you want to pull a certain colour from the room, include a few silk flowers or leaves, or use botanical pods in the same colour line", says Jaime. She even suggests adding scented oils to achieve the perfect arrangement, one that speaks to all the senses.

If you're still unsure about pulling together your own display, you can always turn to the pros for help. Here are a few of Jaime's beautiful fall creations:

Friday, 19 October 2012

Monday, 8 October 2012

Natural, seasonal decorating

Nothing beats nature when it comes to creating interesting displays. And this is the perfect time to revel in all the wonderful crops that nature has to offer. Bring them inside and make them the decorating stars of your decor. 

How to get it right? Think many! Just envision the following examples: An oversized, wooden bowl brimming with red apples. Or a shiny, silver-coloured platter filled with walnuts and acorns. And how about a year worth's supply of local garlic displayed in a rough wicker basket (or with my cooking, it'll probably turn out to be half a year's worth)? 

The beauty comes from contrasting textures, tonal varieties and the mere quantity of the item you display. It's decorating at its best: natural, seasonal and uncomplicated! Have a great Thanksgiving!